Crowns and Bridges


A crown is a tooth shaped cover or "cap" which fits over the existing remaining structure of your natural tooth to strengthen, protect and restore the tooth’s function.

Crowns can be used to -

  • Strengthen teeth which have been weakened by decay or a large filling.
  • Protect fractured, cracked and worn teeth.
  • Improve the shape, alignment and shade of a tooth.
  • After root canal treatment, to help strengthen the tooth.



A bridge is one of the few options to replace one or more missing teeth. It is a permanent fixture which is anchored to the adjacent natural tooth or teeth to ‘bridge’ the gap where the tooth or teeth is missing. This also prevents the adjacent natural teeth from drifting.

A bridge is a great option if you do not wish to have dental implants or a denture to replace your missing tooth or teeth.


At Edgeworth Dental, all of our patient’s crown and bridgework are proudly made in Sydney, Australia

Crown on Back Tooth

Crown on Front Tooth