Dental implant(s) is another option to replace a missing tooth or a number of teeth and is usually the most popular option nowadays. An implant consists of an artificial titanium screw which is placed directly into the jaw bone and acts as a replacement for the root portion of the natural tooth. The implant screw or fixture is made of pure medical grade titanium which allows new bone cells to grow around it. The implant then integrates with the newly formed bone which firmly locks it into place. This process is called ‘osseointegration’. Once this occurs, an implant crown can then be fitted onto this osseointegrated implant fixture.

Dental implant(s) can be used to replace one missing tooth to several missing teeth and even all missing teeth. Replacing all missing teeth is a treatment called “All-On-4 “where a whole set of upper or lower artificial teeth are supported by 4 implant fixtures.

At Edgeworth Dental, all of our patient’s implant work are proudly made in Sydney, Australia.

Implant on Front Tooth

Implant Supported Bridge

Immediate Implant

Implant Care and Cleaning

Implant Care and Cleaning

Implant Care and Cleaning