At our Edgeworth Dental Hornsby clinic, our dentist are experienced in a full range of orthodontic treatment. The treatment options to straighten the teeth can range from having cosmetic orthodontic treatment such as CFast or Invisalign, to having full conventional orthodontic treatment.


Comprehensive Full Orthodontics

Full conventional orthodontic treatment ( fixed appliances or full braces) involve straightening all the upper and lower teeth as well as correcting any bite issues.This is usually the treatment of choice when the aim is not only to straighten the teeth but to have all the upper and lower teeth biting together in an ideal position. Full comprehensive orthodontic treatment may take from two to three years to complete.




Cfast Six Months Braces

CFast stands for “Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth”. It is an adult orthodontic system that’s designed to give a significant improvement in the appearance of the upper and lower front six teeth. The front six teeth known as the “social six”makes up the most of a person’s visible smile, and this type of cosmetic teeth straightening treatment can be completed in about four to six months.





Invisalign is the virtually invisible and hygienic alternative to braces that lets you keep smiling during your treatment. Invisalign uses a series of custom made clear, removable aligners that gradually move and straighten your teeth. Invisalign is so discreet, most people won’t even notice you are wearing them. As with CFast cosmetic orthodontic treatment, the aim is to straighten the upper and/or lower front six teeth without changing the bite on the back teeth. Invisalign orthodontic treatment can usually be completed in twelve to eighteen months.





Fixed Appliance

Braces Cleaning