Preventive Services

The best way to maintain good oral hygiene is to brush and floss your teeth twice a day and to visit your dentist regularly. At Edgeworth Dental, we recommend twice a year routine dental check up and scale and clean. A regular six monthly dental check up is important so that any dental decay or gum disease is picked up and treated early. A routine six monthly scale and clean is performed so that dental tartar that is built up around the teeth and gums is cleaned off to keep the gums healthy and reducing the chance of having gum disease.

A routine dental examination will usually commence by asking whether there have been any dental problems since your last dental check up and take a note of any new medication that you may be taking.

At your routine check up we will:

  • Check for early signs of decay or breakages
  • Check your existing fillings
  • Look at your gums for any signs of gum disease – this will be done using a probe which is gently placed between the tooth and your gum to determine for any presence of gum disease
  • Examine your tongue, throat, cheeks & lips for signs of disease
  • Examine jaw joint evaluation

X-rays of your teeth are usually taken every two to three years, unless your dentist notices a problem and needs an X-ray to look inside the tooth.

At Edgeworth Dental in Hornsby, another preventive dental treatment that our dentist provides are called "fissure sealants". Fissure sealants is one of the most common ways to prevent decay on the back teeth. This is a resin coating that is painted into the grooves that exists on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. It is usually recommended on newly formed back teeth that have deep grooves as they tend to trap food debris and plaque and therefore making these teeth more susceptible to decay.





Tartar Build Up

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